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A Rehabilitation Journey that has Evolved Into a Passion For Helping Others…

​One of Elle's biggest callings in life has been to understand how things work, building things, and fixing things. She started by going to school for 8 different trades, specialized in Welding and wanted to grow up to be a Commercial Diver! Life likes to throw us curve balls however.


Elle found out she had some chronic, genetic autoimmune diseases after some seriously terrifying health scares, and then had to deal with rebuilding herself from the ground up. She turned to yoga, fitness and cannabis to re-find herself and regain control of her life. What she ended up finding were her true passions, and she was able to rekindle her inner fire.


Elle has learnt through her own practice that, as she tunes into the deeper layers of herself, she has been able to learn how to prescribe her body with what it needs in any given moment. Re-creating this inward attention and awareness in her clients' practices, they become more aware of what is happening in any given moment rather than being caught up in concern for what is happening outside of the present. This is where we see the most impact and notice clients connecting and communicating with themselves. ​Each experience Elle has had and each connection she has made, has had its own lessons as well as inspirations; all of which the universe aligned Elle with, at just the right moments. 

Elle has pursued answers in  health, wellness,movement,  manual therapy, medical cannabis and fitness education to rehabilitate her own health issues. Elle's mission now is to pay it forward by hold space for and guiding those seeking their own healing.​

We offer many types of customizable sessions and workshops in a variety of different settings to suit your schedule, your goals, and your desires. Elle believes strongly in the barter system, which is why it is apart of our Sliding Scale Payment Model. We will work with you to develop a program that suits your needs, schedule and resources.​

The goal is to ensure your comfort and ease of mind on your Healing Adventure - body, mind, and soul! 










"I am grateful for how I've been ushered down my life's path."

A little more about our creator

  • Trauma-Informed Tarining

    Traumatic experiences can turn into stored patterns of physical and emotional pain, leading to a loss of connection to one’s body. Trauma informed sessions are a process designed to help individuals achieve healing by rediscovering a sense of peace and safety in their body. Generally, there are no mirrors in class. Participants will be guided through a series of exercises designed to promote mindful exploration while emphasizing safety and choice. Elle has been through CBT, DBT, mindfulness, psychotherapy and ADHD therapy programs to help her deal with her own mental health and traumatic experiences. She also holds a Trauma-Informed Teaching Certificate from Soul Work. She is as well-versed in coaching these skills as she is at helping you work through the feelings that come up. Elle is with your every step of your journey.

  • Unconventional Yoga + Fitness

    Unconventional training isn’t necessarily the opposite of conventional training. In fact, unconventional training induces the main conventional benefits, like muscle growth, strength and endurance. That being said, unconventional training is about real world strength. It’s about training to improve performance, health and well-being. You won't hear any pose names or Sanskrit in these sessions. Elle prides herself on using anatomical and directional cues to get you out of your head and into your body. Sessions are completely tailored to the clients' needs and goals.Outdoor sessions are fun as well as include a hike and a view. You can make your gym anywhere! The focus of the practices will be on breath and movement, creating a flow of postures that enhance flexibility and strength. Elle believes a good mix of conventional and unconventional is a great way to go about fitness.

  • Cannabis Advocate

    Cannabis saved Elle's life. No joke. Cannabis has come a long way since its days of prohibition and the “war on drugs” that labelled it a negative influence on people’s lives. The tables have turned and the plant is now being branded a “wellness” product that can actually be healthy for users.

    Elle is a passionate advocate for the use of cannabis and other holistic approaches to health care as well as fitness.Yogis have been using herbs to supplement practice for millennia. CBD is a natural fit for a restorative-style or sessions, but it can also enhance your experience in a more quick-paced session, especially if you’re prone to a wandering mind.Elle is eager to provide education on cannabis intake that does not include smoking as well as CBD treatments for different client health needs while ensuring a professional and compassionate experience.

  • All-Over Rehabilitation

    Injury Rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of injuries; the restoration of optimal form. Pain in our shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles is often due to misalignment in our body. Elle uses exercises designed to reposition, stretch and strengthen our muscles to help correct our dysfunctions. This can then help to realign our body so that it can function normally and without pain. This calling to movement,rehabilitation, and manual therapy stem from Elle's personal struggle with injuries, poor posture, and chronic pain. She nurtured this into an fascination in rehabilitating her body inside and out. Elle's humble beginnings as a trainer and yoga teacher germinated into the pursuit of evolving a unique and unified therapeutic approach to manage varied physical conditions.

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